Who is shubham matrix ?

who is shubham matrix

Who is shubham matrix

Early Life

I am born and brought up in jaunpur, India. I did my schooling and college from here. Got chance to visit cities like delhi & lucknow to study more about technology, but majorly I give all the credit of my technical skills and knowledge to the internet on which I have spent thousands of hours of my life and continue with it even till today. My skills and knowledge also come from a lot of books that I read regularly and also from YouTube videos which help me to gather knowledge from the best of the best subject experts from all over the world.

Now the question is, who is Shubham Matrix

He went on a path where he wanted to develop his own brand name as well as his agency, and it was not an easy thing to do.  Shubham Sahu, aka Shubham Matrix, is known for his Digital Marketing skills. Born in Uttar Pradesh Jaunpur . shubham was avarage in studies. He studied in Yashoda Convent in Jaunpur, UP India till 7th standard. Then 8th to 12th in Dr Rizvi Learners’ Academy .

He went on a path where he wanted to develop his own brand name as well as grow his agency Hash Innovation, and it was not an easy thing to do.  It was a tough time for him, but he was having the confidence , which helped him grow in Digital Marketing. Now people are not asking him how you will do it; they are asking him how you did it.

His journey in Digital Marketing started in 2017, and he has worked for more than 50+ professionals till now. Shubham does Digital Marketing consulting, Business Ideas , workshops and Online Helps too.

Journey Of Entrepreneurship

When I was in college, everybody all around the world was fascinated by the company Microsoft and it’s founder Bill Gates. I too was no different. At that time I read 2 of his books. One was by the name of “The Road Ahead” and another was “Business at the speed of thought”. These books created a very clear picture in my mind at that young age that the future of every business in the world will be directly related to technology in more than many ways.

As a young student I was not aware about Reliance and the story of Dhirubhai Ambani but because of his death it was all over the news and all over the media. Because of this I got the chance to understand that how a simple person who is not even a High School pass out had built such a great business empire in India. This fascinated be towards the world of business and towards the world of entrepreneurship.

I started my business by the name of Hash Innovision when I was in the first year of my college. I was so passionate about technology and how it is changing the world that I never looked back. From a small back door room and home personal computer which was given to me by my parents, I started working on making websites for some local businesses. I started earning something out of it I started hiring people to become my teammates to grow the business.


I don’t have any big awards or Guinness Book of World records or Limca Book of World records on my name to show and impress anybody of you reading about me. But I do think that for a few years I interacted with young students of schools and colleges as a personality development trainer, that period was a kind of achievement for me personally because I understood that I had that skill of motivating and training people.

Being an entrepreneur, I feel that the biggest achievement of my life till now is the team of my company that we have build with so much of care, hard work and Team spirit in the last 3 years. I feel having more than 50 clients from all around India is a huge achievement for me and my team at the moment.


Creating Success Stories

For me the success of my clients is my success. When a new brand comes to us and with our help and support it grows, it gives us immense pride and satisfaction.
Today, we are also able to increase the visibility, engagement and reputation of existing big brands too with our new ideas and innovation. Our success lies in our capacity to understand each business, what it wants, what are the pain areas, what are the milestones they want to achieve, what is the audience that they want to target and on the basis of these things we make our plans and strategies for them.

To end with Shubham favourite line Think what you can naver imagine.

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