When you search your Brand Name / Company Name on Google what do you see ?
Is it what you want to see ?
Do you think what you are getting in search results about you is the correct representation of your Brand / Company?


Well, this is simply the basic of Online Reputation Management. We at Hash Innovision help you take control of the Online visibility of your brand on google search and other important social media and related websites to your business to showcase the correct picture of your brand online. Online reputation management creates balance, increases your brand value, helps in handling misleading trends, and allows you to put your best foot forward.

Today every business or celebrity or politician gets into news headlines if something negative pops up on social media about them. It is very easy to say anything negative for anyone these days and put it online. All these businesses, celebrities and politicians etc. have a team to handle any such negative comment or remark about them. This also helps them to highlight themselves as very responsive and responsible to any comments about them. This is all managed and handled by the Digital Team at the back responsible for the Online Reputation Management of the business or celebrity or politician etc.

When you partner with us for Digital Marketing, your Online Reputation Management becomes our duty.



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