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Want to be a part of one of the fastest-growing industries?


Do you want the benefit of a $12.06 billion dollar industry?


This is a perfect place for you.


If you love the creative part of the jobs then you are going to enjoy the ride of digital marketing. With the world becoming digital some skillsets will pay you throughout your life no matter what your profession is!




If you are looking to earn some handsome cash then digital marketing is the best option in the 21st century.


So, let’s track this from the beginning!


What is digital marketing?


There are some online strategies and techniques that companies use to identify, build, and target their audience to convert it into sales or customers! All these online strategies and skills come under digital marketing.


Digital marketing has replaced the traditional way of marketing the audience. Thanks to the technology, companies can now focus on their target audience with much more accuracy and at a cheaper cost!


There is a reason why some articles appear on the top and some don’t when you search something on the internet. It comes under search engine optimization (SEO), which one of the high demanding skills in the industry.


Likewise, you can master a few or all of them and can create a good career path for you!


Do you need a certain background?


Unlike other jobs, you don’t need a background in this.


Even if you don’t take up a online marketing job, it can help you in your profession.


Let me give you an example, I was watching a webinar of a reputed investor a few days back. He said that he went to a neurosurgeon for some checkup. As they get to talking he found out that the neurosurgeon was taking a digital marketing course online! The doctor said that he has to pay Rs 600 to an app per patient and he has to charge Rs 1200 from the patients. He wanted to reduce the extra Rs 600 expense for his patients.


So, he decided to learn digital marketing so that he can do effective marketing by himself and reduce the cost!


Who would think that a neurosurgeon which is the highest branch in medical science would learn digital marketing!


Now a day’s it is the main source of passive income for college students.


Job opportunities for digital marketers


There are different types of jobs available for different categories depending on your interests.


“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one”


It is better to master few categories according to your interest.


With experience, you gain expertise and your pay increases but that doesn’t mean that as a fresher you won’t get a job! There are digital marketing jobs for freshers too.


Let me give you some examples of digital marketing jobs and salary! I am showing the pay in dollars because most of the time you get paid dollar-wise!


SEO specialist


Pay – $54,000 per annum.


This is one of the most in-demand jobs in the digital marketing industry. It is one of the primary skills you need to learn as a digital marketer.


Content strategist


Pay – $73,000 per annum


Every company needs someone who can help them create a perfect content according to their audience. After all ‘content is the king’. If you master this skill then you have a great future ahead.


Content marketing manager


Pay – $81,000 per annum


Marketing is the key to get to customers. There are some marketing skills which you can master which can be used by the companies to market their content. If you love engaging with the audience then this can be the perfect social media marketing job for you!


Social media manager


Pay – $50,000 per annum


Many influencers and celebrities hire a social media manager to manage and grow their social media account. If you learn to manage it, you can get paid! This is one of the most opted skills among students!


Paid ads manager


Pay – $47,000


Companies promote their products through ads on social media. There is a separate course for that. If you think it is suitable for you then you can always go for it.


These were some of the examples. You can always work as a freelancer on your terms and earn good cash.


Many people opt for freelancing because it is convenient and you have your own work time. You can choose any project you want!


Some of the samples of freelance digital marketing jobs are:


digital marketing.png


These are some freelance digital marketers. They charge hourly depending upon their experience and skills!


The best part of being a freelancer is freedom. Also, India is one of the largest hubs for freelancers.


Adding digital marketing to your skills will boost up your profile!


How to start digital marketing?


To start digital marketing you need to understand the different areas of work available.


There are mainly 7 categories!


  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing


You can master one or more than one skill! But it is always advisable to get your hands on maximum categories possible. Most of the things are interlinked so if you have a complete set of skills, you would be able to handle the projects very well.


Start with basics


You need to start from the very basics. There are lots of sources available on the internet. If you don’t like to read then you can go to YouTube.




There are lots of videos available for the same. Many freshers find it very difficult to start whenever they see such broad categories.


You can go through some of our courses from basics to advanced level.


Start your website


Once you are clear with the basics, it time to jump in the pit. Digital marketing is a practical concept. So, it is always advisable to start your website.




If you are worried about the website just relax. You don’t have to learn HTML and CSS before you start digital marketing. There are some platforms from where you can start building your blog or website without any coding like WordPress, Wix, etc.


In digital marketing jobs, you will be asked to deal with websites. You will be promoting the websites and increase their organic traffic.


If you already have your website or blog you will be much more confident. I know this process will take time but it is worth doing it.


Master search engine optimization (SEO)


This is one of the fundamental skills you need to master. SEO is what will make your website or product visible.


You have to build your understanding of keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, backlinks, etc.


As far as resources are concerned, the internet is always there for the rescue. Once you have a basic understanding of SEO you can start taking paid courses from the learning platforms or you can consult any digital marketing expert for training.


Get Google ads certification


To promote various services and products on the internet you need to use google ads, it will be a part of your job.




Google has a lot of resources that will help you to get the necessary skills and become an expert. You can get a google ads certification. Getting a certification will be great to show your clients that you are a potential digital marketer.


It will also add to your resume which would be helpful especially if you are a student.


You can use these websites Google ads guide.


Working on Facebook ads advertising


Social media is an important part of digital marketing. Social media has a great number of audiences and companies tend to target them for their products and services.


So, start with Facebook.


As a digital marketer, you have to understand how different social media platforms such as twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn work.


It would be great if you have a tight command on social media platforms especially Facebook and Instagram.


Facebook apart from connecting people, is a great tool for digital marketing ad campaigns. Facebook gives you many inbuilt features that you need to master.


You should start learning about:


  • Targeting your audience
  • Learning bidding setting
  • Learning various promotion options
  • Learning to design your ads


It will take time but it is one of the most effective ways to market your product. It is highly in demand and this skill is interesting to learn.


If you wish you can take up Facebook online course .


Mastering Google analytics


Analytics is an important part of digital marketing. It is like a guiding tool for your marketing.


One of the best things about a digital marketing campaign is that you can study it very precisely. Analytics helps you to understand the audience and their choices. It helps you to identify what works and what not!


You can know about anything related to your campaign and audience. With the real data available on your screen you can take better decisions and plan a more effective campaign.


This is a skill that can cut your cost and increase your efficiency.


Initially, you should focus on:


  • Integrating Google Analytics with your website
  • Understanding the report dashboard
  • Setting up some parameters like UTM and using them to test your results.


You can start learning it from here Google Analytics.


Affiliate marketing


It is used by almost every blogger and big YouTubers.


In affiliating marketing, you earn a commission by selling the product or the service to the customers.


In affiliate marketing, you act as an affiliate who promotes the product or services of the merchant who owns the product. Some affiliate networks connect you to the merchant. There is a whole process you need to follow.


Using these networks you can earn some handsome cash!


It is one of the fastest-growing industries!


Check out these amazing articles related to affiliate marketing.


Email marketing


Even today email is one of the most valuable tools for business when it comes to reaching and engaging their audience.


One of the integrated parts of digital marketing is a great email strategy.


You should focus mainly on:


  • Getting more number of subscribers
  • Segmenting email lists


Various tools such as mailchimp, getresponse will help you do that.


Learning digital marketing tools


Besides learning all the above-mentioned things, you have to learn how to operate digital marketing tools.


When you deal with multiple projects and multiple people at the same, to evaluate their work and progress you should learn some marketing tools.


These tools will help you to create a dashboard for multiple channels.


There are various types of tools depending on the category.


Analytics – Hubspot and google analytics are the most famous ones


Email marketing platforms – Mailchimp, converkit, getresponse.


Social media management – meetedgar, Hootsuite, later, buffer.


SEO research – google keyword planner, Moz, SEMrush


You can start with some SEO research tools.


As you go deeper and deeper you learn and explore more..


Stay updated and informed


The tricks and tactics of digital marketing are changing from time to time. Love it or hate it, it is a fact! It is a fast-changing industry. If you want to be amongst the best, you have to keep yourself well informed and updated!


If your basics are strong then you can easily adapt to the changes. So, always focus on building up your basics.


Google and Facebook keep doing changes and since both are very important and relevant to digital marketing you have to learn them.


How to get a job as a digital marketer?


  1. Apart from working as a freelancer if you are looking for a job you can try to register on these websites.


  • Angel list
  • Krop
  • Muse
  • Flexjob


  1. Try to make an elevator pitch!


You should learn to sell yourself before you start selling the products.


For example,


Hi, My name is Raj. I help individuals and businesses to grow their brands using tested digital marketing strategies.


  1. Make a great portfolio


  • One of the best ways to get experience is by doing some mock projects. The best way to start is by working on your website.
  • Once you have acquired the skills, try to help your friends and family. Do their work for free.
  • Ask for testimonials. Make sure anyone you work with is willing to give a testimonial.


  1. Work on your resume and CV.


This is a very straight forward advice. No matter where you apply, resume will play an important role. You can add your experiences here. It will be nice if you do some certified courses and you have some certificates to show. It always builds trust.


If you do freelancing for a while before applying for a job, it will add to your experience and your resume.


So, make sure to leave a good impression.


After corona opportunities


With the corona pandemic, digital marketing is getting more importance as a career option.


Corona pandemic has led to unemployment. According to Forbes, creative jobs will be in demand after the pandemic. Digital marketing is one on the list.


According to experts, there will be a huge boon after corona in the digital marketing industry.


People with skills would be in demand than people with degrees.


Because of the corona, the world economy is in danger. The only way we can keep up is by doing everything online.


If today you choose to develop your digital marketing skills then your career is more likely to be on the safe side in any condition.


You have to understand that the people are going to adopt the current lifestyle of corona pandemic and this will help internet startups to grow. As the internet startups grow the job opportunities in the digital marketing sector will also grow.


The world is going to be a different place after 3-5 years. One of the best ways to keep the pace is by following the trends.


Opportunities for students


This is a great time to learn and develop new skills especially for students. I have witnessed many students who either work on their blog or work as a freelancer.


Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular skills among students. No matter what your course is, it always adds value to your resume and CV.


Affiliate marketing is becoming a great source for students to earn some extra cash. Some students sponsor their college tuition by themselves. Isn’t that amazing?


And the fact that students have started taking interest in digital marketing increases your competition! Earlier they start more experience they get!


In the nutshell


As a fresher, it is a great time to build a career in digital marketing. It is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. If you acquire the skills now, it will pay you later!


  • There is no specific background need if you want to start digital marketing.
  • There are various types of jobs available which are also very high paying like SEO specialists and social media managers.
  • To begin with, start from the very basics
  • You can start with SEO, Facebook ads, google analytics, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and so on.
  • Learn to manage some marketing tools like HubSpot, Mailchimp, etc.
  • Stay updated and informed about the changes taking place.
  • Try to register on some websites and apply for jobs with a great portfolio and resume.
  • As a student learning digital marketing will add value to your career.


There are lots of opportunities coming up especially after the corona pandemic. So, don’t miss the chance and start learning from now.


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