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More than half the world currently accesses social media through various platforms, making social media an integral part of human life that influences almost all the decisions that they make, making it imperative for businesses to be actively present on all digital platforms and embrace digital marketing as a must have to succeed.

At Hash Innovation we believe in embracing digital and staying ahead of all the trends and changes. We use transformative strategies to grow your brand and increase your business digitally. As a leading digital marketing agency our goal is to help you gain a competitive advantage by leveraging your digital presence in the most effective and efficient way possible. Our team of passionate and talented marketers work tirelessly to ensure that we choose the best platforms for your brand to minimise spends and maximise visibility. To ensure that we maximise your returns, we create strategies keeping in mind three important things your brand, your industry and your target market. While it may operate within a particular industry and have competition around, your brand is unique. Just simply following the trend and copying your competitors may not always result in the best response. Your brand needs a strategy that is as unique as it is to ensure that your target market identifies with your brand all the while ensuring that your spends are minimised and your returns maximised.

What do we do that other digital marketing agencies don’t?

Hash Innovation is a digital marketing agency that believes in adding value to your brand. We let our results speak on our behalf and that is what differentiates us from other digital marketing agencies. At Hash Innovation we believe in maximising returns and not spends. We utilise a highly specific method that grows and changes with

Monitor: It is imperative to not only monitor what your competitors and the industry is doing, but also to monitor each step that your potential customer is taking on your platform. Every time someone visits your website or app we track each and every step that they take to analyse consumer behaviour and understand what they like and don’t on your platform. We further analyse the sales trends to guide you on choosing the best product mix to offer and define which content is consumed the most by your audience to monitor consumer behaviour around your brand.

Media Mix: Choosing the correct mediums for your brand is imperative. At Hash Innovation, we track the industry trends, media trends and your brands requirement to create a digital media mix that is bound to wow your audience and reach the largest possible target market wherever they may be.

Strategy Mix: Our digital marketing strategies are framed around an initial brand analysis and competitor research to identify the best digital platforms and customise our strategy to maximise the potential. We aim to showcase the right product at the right place and the right time to the right audience to minimise your spends and maximise your returns through digital marketing. While other digital marketing agencies may just claim to increase returns, we let our clients do our talking for us.

Campaign Development: After finalising the strategy, media and marketing mix, we finally start to develop campaigns for your brand. These campaigns are monitored around the clock to gauge their performance, the performance of the creatives, the ads and everything in between. Each data point is captured and analysed to ensure that we know all that we can about your customers and their insights and then develop and redevelop strategies based upon our research and learning.

Reporting: Optimising campaigns is a never-ending task. To ensure that we maximise results from all ad platforms, we Crete regular reports to analyse performance and eke out areas of improvement from our digital marketing activities. Each report covers the performance, the areas of improvement and the time based performance increases that have occurred because of our brand. All in all, Algorrithm is one of the best digital marketing agencies in India, giving the best possible results to our customers.




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