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Best Business Ideas for Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh 222001

Jaunpur is a populated and rapidly developing city with a lot of manpower. It is a fast-growing hub of new opportunities and business avenues. You may be surprised, but starting a small-business in jaunpur indeed means earning huge profits. The best small business ideas in jaunpur  are described below.

1. Fruits and Vegetables Export

As the fruits and vegetable production in jaunpur  is very high, you can start an export business and start exporting all the fruits and vegetables to other states and earn a good amount of profit.

2. Security Services

There are a large number of factories in jaunpur . These factories use several high end and expensive equipment, which are installed inside the factory. It is important to ensure the safekeeping of these types of equipment after the workforce leaves for the day. You can start a security services business to cover the security requirements of these factories.

3. Real Estate Agency

Due to increasing business growth in jaunpur, many people are looking for a property, either commercial or residential. You can start a real estate agency and help people find the right property. To begin this type of business, you do not need to make a considerable investment. All you need is a good network of contacts and proper knowledge of the property related documentation and related official processes. You always have to be aware of property rates and have good communication skills to carry out deals with your clients efficiently.

4. Stationery Supply

You can choose to become a supplier of stationery items, such as pencils, erasers, sharpeners, book covers, etc., which are used in schools, colleges, educational institutes, and offices. You can deliver these items from retailers to the schools. If you can supply good quality stationery items and deliver them on time, then you can make a very profitable business out of it. In this type of business, you can see that your money is invested from one deal to the other deal.

5. Tailoring Business

Tailoring is an excellent and profitable business. Most people love to wear clothes sewn according to their design and measurements. If you are an expert in cutting and sewing clothes, you can start a tailoring business in jaunpur. All you need to have is a sewing machine and relevant accessories.

6. Tutorial Service

You can start a coaching class in jaunpur for tutoring college and school students. This business is very profitable, as you can choose to take group tuitions. You can start this business from your home too, with zero investment in infrastructure. Based on your area of expertise, you can begin teaching students.

7. Career Counsellor

After completing the 12th standard, most students find it challenging to decide which course they should pursue in the future, and like to seek help from a career counsellor. If you know all types of courses available on the market, you can start your business as a career counsellor and help the students choose the right course as per their interests. Firstly, to start this business, you must listen carefully to the students’ thoughts and interests. Then suggest the best course as per their preference.

8. Beauty Parlours

Opening a beauty parlour is a high-in demand-business idea in jaunpur. To start this business, you have to have the minimum qualification, and you need to do aWoman hairdressing beauty salon interior design with chairs, mirrors, desks and backwash sinks beautician’s course. Choose a convenient place near the market area to run your business smoothly.

9. Food Stalls

If you are interested in cooking, you can open a small food stall in the streets of jaunpur. First, you have to choose the correct location or a crowded place near the market for starting this business. jaunpur is famous for some mouth-watering dishes such as Kebabs, Biriyani, Chat, Awadhi cuisine, and many more. The rich food culture of the city, and the locals’, as well as tourists’ taste for these delicacies, is bound to make your food business a sure success. The only thing you have to take care of is a unique style of serving, and maintaining a cheerful ambience and proper hygiene.

10. Interior Designing Services

If you have a creative mind and love to design homes, you can start interior designing services. It is a profitable business in jaunpur for all those entrepreneurs who have an interest in designing. You can take designing help online also. Online platforms are best to showcase your designing skills, so to create a buzz for your business begin with creating an Instagram page. Apart from offering home decor services, you can also deal with home decor accessories which will complement the profits.

11. Craft Shop

Opening a craft shop in jaunpur is a very good idea. You can sell handicraft items and wooden handicrafts in your shop. Chikankari embroidery garments and Zardari garments of jaunpur are world-famous. You can sell various designs of these kurtas in your shop. These business ideas are good for tourist attraction.

12. Tourism Business

There are various monuments in jaunpur. To admire the beauty of these monuments such as Bara Imambara, Asafi Imambara, etc., many tourists visit jaunpur every year. And when you belong from jaunpur, then what else can be the better business idea than to start a tourism business in jaunpur. It is a very profitable and enjoyable business idea.

13. Mobile phone Repair/ accessories and Recharging

There are almost 700 million smartphone users in India. Opening an outlet for mobile phone repair is a great business idea. Male And Female Students Singing In Choir With Teacher At Performing Arts SchoolIt does not cost a huge investment. Along with smartphone repair, you can also start selling mobile accessories and credit recharge to the customers.

14. Singing Classes

Many great Indian musicians were born in jaunpur, such as Naushad, Anup Jalota, and Talat Mahmood. You can start a singing class in jaunpur if you are trained in classical music. You can also start this business at your home. This business idea will help you to keep your practice every day, as well as gives training about music to the students.

15. Preschool

If you have the potential and love to spend time with children, you can open a preschool near your locality. You must have an excellent network to start this business idea. You need to buy a few items, such as toys, cribs, mattresses, and disposable diapers, etc. to start this business.

So, we have come up with the most cost-effective business ideas that you can start immediately in jaunpur. These business ideas will help you to earn more money, and you will enjoy doing your preferred business. To make it happen, you have to be determined to be your boss.

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Q. Can I start an online business in jaunpur?

Ans. You can start online businesses, such as online career counsellors, blogging, and online graphic designing businesses in jaunpur, and many more similar ventures.

Q. How effective is the coaching centre business in jaunpur?

Ans. Coaching centre business in jaunpur is very lucrative and profitable, as most school students prefer to take private coaching for extra guidance.

Q. Is there any small investment business for homemakers in jaunpur?

Ans. Yes, educated homemakers can start coaching classes and tiffin service business in jaunpur.

Q. Where can I check listings of local businesses in jaunpur?

Ans. Luckily, local businesses are listed around the city and nearby places such as Juggaur, Barabanki, Kakori, Mohanlalganj, Malihabad, Bijnor, etc.

Q. What are the major industries in jaunpur?

Ans. The major industries in jaunpur are handicraft industries such as Chikan and Zardozi, distillery chemicals, furniture, aeronautics, etc.

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