13 Mind-blowing facts about Google that you probably don’t know

13 Mind-blowing facts about Google that you probably don’t know

Google it, is something which we often hear around us. Right? Whenever we have an unanswered question in our mind, we Google it. The first thought that comes into our mind is that Google will answer the query within a second and yes, it does. Google is a mass storage of web pages/knowledge which knows almost everything, right? It would have rarely been happened that you searched something and Google couldn’t answer your query, until and unless your query is too odd. Google has a trillions of pages and answer to all the queries.

Google knows everything, right? But how much do you know Google, that’s what we’ll discuss further.

“If Google had been sold, we would neither be using it nor talking about it today. um yes, It was about to be sold, but the deal could not be successful due to some reasons… we can say hard luck to the buying party as Google has become now multi billion dollar company. ”

The journey of Google began officially in 1998 by 2 computer scientists and Internet entrepreneur Mr Larry Page & Mr Sergey Brin and now has become the top leading Internet company in the world

Many more interesting facts about Google that will surely blow your mind, keep reading and enjoy.

  • Did you know The first instance of Google being used as a verb — “to Google” something — on television occurred during an Oct. 15, 2002.
  • BackRub, Have you heard about this name earlier? No? Well this was the name that Google was known as before getting a new name “Google” on September 15, 1997.

13 Mind-blowing facts about Google that you probably don’t know

  • So why and where did this name “Google” Come from? The two computer scientists were not much satisfied with the name “BackRub” so decided to change the name and they got it from “Googol”  A mathematical term, which means 1 fullowed by 100 zeroes. Obviously it is meaningful somehow.

13 Mind-blowing facts about Google that you probably don’t know

  • I want to commit suicide… Unfortunately, this is also one of the most searched queries on Google but Google never displays any related results & it shows the helpline number of AASRA at the top of SERP. Yes, Google cares! Even if you just search for “suicide” It will show the same result. Did you know it?

13 Mind-blowing facts about Google that you probably don’t know

  • Google.com for $12…. Unbelievable but true. Google.com domain was accidentally sold off and a guy locked the deal just before a minute Google tried to back it up. It happened in 2015. It was revealed by Google that they awarded $6006.13 to that guy and got the domain back. Even Google can make mistakes.
  • Google has the largest index of websites in the world which is more than 3 billion websites
  • Launching on April 1 – Most of the people thought it was just a prank but it was not, and Google actually launched it’s prime product Gmail which is a free Email tool from Google on April 1 2004. Google is interesting a lot!
  • Google don’t just owns google.com but even if you enter gogle.com, gogule.com, googel.com, or googil.com you will go to google.com because google owns other related domains as well. The list of Google owned domains is too long, as per online record, google owns more than 500 domains.
  • I have been a Mathematics student and find it too arduous. Well how difficult is it to pronounce a massive number? I would never have been able to pronounce a massive number so quickly if Google was not there. Yes, Google helps pronounce massive numbers if you type =english after entering any number. Try it yourself.

13 Mind-blowing facts about Google that you probably don’t know

  • elgooG, couldn’t read it? It’s Google showing as in a mirror that’s known as Google Mirror – Just like us, Google also has its own mirror but just for fun. The site found practical use in China after the domestic banning of Google, circumventing the Great Firewall.  As its name, everything is shown as showing in mirror.
  • In 1999, Google’s owners decided to sell Google to online company Excite for $1 million but the Excite CEO rejected the deal and now the company is a multi billion dollar company. Owning Google in $1 million was not a bad deal actually.
  • Google has changed completely now but you still can enjoy the ancient old look from a few pages of it which has never been changed even if everything has changed. This are left unchanged to let you enjoy the old look of Google. Google Gulp – Just enjoy an old look & appearance of a Google page which you will never find again.

13 Mind-blowing facts about Google that you probably don’t knowhttps://archive.google.com/googlegulp/

  • Tired now? Let’s play games. I’m sure you would have played these 2 games sometimes in your childhood. but have you ever played using elgoog? Now a days kids love pubG but these 2 games (snakes & breakout) were the most popular in the 90’s

Here are the links, don’t forget to play & Enjoy!


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